Tuning into business

“The significant problems that we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”.

Albert Einstein

Boardroom Breakthrough was set up to pioneer some new approaches to the better management practice of businesses & organisations.

The nature of commerce is changing globally and today - tuning a more stable balance of the right conditions for measured business success is vitally
important. Two centuries ago Charles Darwin observed that is wasn’t the
fastest or the strongest of any species that survived – but those most able to
adapt to their surroundings.

It’s our belief that this is extremely true running any enterprise – and that the
surroundings have certainly changed significantly in the last few years.

Knowledge of this new environment will mean some adjustment in both
thinking and in action.

about us

“But we’re a large business – not a start-up!”

We value knowledge and see the increased confidence it brings to people applying it correctly for the right reasons. We also value the collaborative approach of the right people in the right businesses and have observed that all successful organisations have three major elements:

  • Business IQ – ‘the savvy’. Has a good knowledge of all the inter-operable elements of a well run business, the finance, the sales & marketing mix, operations, human resourcing, product and service development.
  • Business EQ – ‘team dynamism’. The people respect one another. They trust each other (including all the external stakeholders). They are aligned in their values.
  • Business SQ – ‘the spirit of the business’. The organisation acts as a mirror reflection of the purpose and brand promise internally as well as externally.

Boardroom Breakthrough will help you tune the above business elements and help you keep it balanced – adaptable – and hence potentially far more successful.